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Get to know the eco-friendly IR3535® insect repellent, which keeps away all kinds of bugs like mosquitoes, flies, horseflies, ticks, head lice, and wasps. 

Tested against various mosquitoes, even in low concentrated formulations our insect repellent IR3535® demonstrated reliable protection of up to 8 hours (Test Institute in Brazil, Lab Test, 2017)*. This makes it the ingredient of choice for a strong mosquito repellent. 

Of course, you’ll find a variety of mosquito repellents on the market. These contain Picaridin (also known as Icaridin), DEET, or natural oils like citronella or lemon eucalyptus. This is why it’s important to emphasize the benefits of our mosquito repellent IR3535®: according to the WHO, IR3535® is recommended as a safe and efficient option for prevention of mosquito bites.



Thanks to its specific molecular structure, which is essentially inspired by nature, products containing IR3535® go easy on humans and the environment. IR3535® produces what is called a “repellent effect”, and it does not kill or harm insects or the environment. That’s why this bug repelling ingredient has such an excellent safety record. It makes it possible to formulate insect repellents that are safe to be used by all, including toddlers and pregnant women. In fact, IR3535® protects everyone in the family. Are you trying to find a DEET-free product that protects everyone in your family without causing harm? Then IR3535® is the insect repellent you’re looking for. For instructions on how to use IR3535® safely, please read the product label. 


Its exceptional tolerability makes IR3535® suitable for everyone seeking ultimate protection: families away from home, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, babies, toddlers, and even senior citizens – who often have sensitive skin and still require reliable protection. IR3535® is also perfect for fans of the great outdoors or people traveling to exotic destinations, especially if they need a repellent that can be re-applied multiple times a day – including at sunrise or sunset.

Frequently Asked Questions

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